Reopening of Corpus Christi Church

Beginning Tuesday, May 26

The church will be open for private prayer and devotion every day from 11AM till 2PM. 

Everyone who enters the church MUST have a mask on.

Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to church but you are encouraged to bring your own from home.

Only 10 people, at the most, will be allowed in the church at one time and can sit only in the designated seats that respect social distancing.

No one is permitted to enter the sanctuary or sit near the tabernacle.

There is to be no congregating of people in the church and no communal recitation of the rosary.  Please do not plan on making a holy hour.  Come in for a short visit so others may be able to come in

Please do not to touch statues or other devotional objects in the church.

The elderly and all who are health-compromised MUST stay home. Anyone who feels sick in any way must stay home. Please take your temperatures before leaving home and stay home if the temperature is over 100 degrees.